specops poppy

Lest we forget.

Peace, freedom and safety has a steep price. Our Armed Forces personnel have made a commitment to travel to danger zones and work in harsh, unrelenting conditions. The war in Afghanistan has been costly. We have lost 158 of our brothers and sisters-in-arms in that conflict. Reported cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) have claimed another 178 lives on Canadian soil. We know there are likely more deaths that have been unreported home because the circumstances are complicated.

War has changed and evolved.  The enemy doesn’t always wear a uniform and does not march across a defined battlefield as was customary in the past. Today, the enemy is a man, a woman, an elder. Animals and innocent children are used as human shields and the battlefield is within villages, near schools, and near sources of drinking water. Each veteran has their own story to share. Some return with scars and injuries on their bodies. For others, the injuries have left indelible marks on brains, and hearts are suffocating with grief. The enemy now becomes anger, shame, anxiety, depression, and fear.

Let Remembrance Day be a time when we can be together and honour those who have gone before us. Let it be a day when we support those who stand in the gap and protect our freedom. Stay present in moments of peace and be thankful for the memories we share.

To those who made the ultimate sacrifice, you live on in our thoughts and in our hearts. You are dearly loved and missed. We remember your smile, your laugh, your gentle soul, your warrior spirit. We would give anything just to spend one more minute together. Your mission is accomplished and from here we’ll stand strong and carry on.

Give me fear, give me pain, give me loneliness, suffering and chaos but give it all to me so the rest can live free.

Facta Non Verba

Sly out



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