Amos3Photo credit: Larry and Quan Vang

Meet Amos Vang. He’s currently pursuing a Juris Doctor at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law and is set to graduate in 2021.  In his spare time, Vang is a classical pianist, sports announcer at U Sports Canada and freelance voice-over artist. He has had many accomplishments in a few short years and even more opportunities on the horizon.

Vang has worked tirelessly and with great success, all while remaining extremely humble. He immediately agreed to an interview and was very generous with his time, especially considering the constraints of his current work load.

* * *

LM: How old are you?

AV: 22

LM: How do you implement discipline in your lifestyle?

AV: Discipline is the most important aspect of my life. It helps me balance everything. How do I implement: 1- time management and 2- I stay ahead of the curve? I never pulled an all-nighter in during my undergrad. Time management helps me balance piano practice which I do 4-6 hours a day, but when time is scarce I focus on quality over quantity. Same with my studies. I use time to be productive and put my mind to work.

LM: What is your routine like?

AV: I divide my day into 3 blocks: morning, afternoon and evening. Then I  schedule my tasks within those blocks. Socialization is not a priority for me at the moment.

LM: What are your career goals?

AV: Lawyer, announcer or pianist. To become a pianist I would have to move to Europe where it’s a bit more popular. I’m not giving up the idea yet.

LM: What about sports or working out?

AV: I workout for about 60 to 90 minutes after my classes are done. I do a warm up for 10 minutes on the treadmill then focus on strength 3 day upper body 3 day lower body and 1 day rest. I use workout to decompress and relax my mind.

LM: What is your definition of a leader?

AV: Leaders are humble, open-minded, and self-aware. They are willing to learn, lead by example, and build people up. I try to lead my life that way.

LM: How do you keep going in moment of failure?

  1. I never give up.
  2. I get support from friends and family.
  3. I take responsibility of my failure and I learn from it and try to produce a positive outcome from it.

* * *

There is no question that Vang is living a life of extreme ownership. Hard work, determination, discipline and focus are present in his daily routine.  He is proof that the skills and concepts in some of the past posts are relevant for anyone, regardless of background or experience.  While Vang has had many successes, there have been moments of failure. These times have also helped to shape his current goals and ensure a balance to his life.

One of the most important points reinforced during the interview is that discipline is important at every age and every stage in life. Small acts in our daily routine carry over into bigger and more important decisions.  Implementing discipline allows us to define what is important in our lives and then invest quality time and attention towards reaching our goals.

Sly Out

Amos Vang Professional Highlights 

  • Pursuing a Juris Doctor at the University of Ottawa Law School 2018-2021
  • Sports Announcer
  • Classical Pianist
  • At age 14: Amos completed his Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto (ARCT) diploma
  • At age 19: Amos announced the 2016 NBA All-Star Challenge in Ottawa, which was his very first NBA event
  • At age 21: Amos announced his first CBC Sports broad cast at the 2017 Canadian Junior Swimming Championships
  • Play-by-play announcer of the 2018 U Sports Swimming Championships alongside Olympic Bronze Medallist Brittany MacLean
  • Public address announcer for the 2016 Can-Am Basketball Shootout between NCAA Division 1 and U Sports Canada teams
  • Author of two law publications for the Carleton University Journal of Legal Studies: “Adversarial vs. Inquisitorial Legal System: One, the Other, or Both?” and “Intent and the Murder of a Peace Officer: An Analysis of S. 231(4) of the Criminal Code.”

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