Welcome to The Leadership Mindset.  This blog is meant to be a place to share ideas about leadership, discipline and all of the factors that influence the decision-making process. Since incorporating this into my own life, I’ve been able to change my mindset, improve the quality of my life and work towards accomplishing my goals. I’ve learned the path to success is brutal but the end result is worth it. By sharing my successes and failures, I hope to encourage and support anyone who wants to make a change in their life.

For me, this entire project began a few years ago with the Laws of Combat. These principles are thousands of years old. The first time I came across them was in The Art of War by Sun Tzu, which was written about 500 B.C. They are battle-tested and they work because they are simple, clear and effective. Here they are:

1- Cover and Move: Teamwork. Everyone is part of the team and their job matters. Work together to understand and achieve goals.

2- Keep it Simple: Plans and instructions must remain simple. Make sure no ambiguity remains.

3- Prioritize and execute: Figure out what is the most important task and get it done. Then, move to the next task with the same level of commitment and agression.

4- Decentralized Command: Trust that your subordinates will complete their task. Allow them to be creative in the way they accomplish their mission. Don’t micro-manage.

Source: EXTREME OWNERSHIP. Chapter 5 to 8, page 109-191.

As a matter of fact, I had no idea I was applying them to my life until I came across a guy name Jocko Willink, (here’s the link to his podcast.) He wrote a book the called Extreme Ownership, which has been a major influence in my life and in this blog. Willink is a decorated Navy Seal officer who is now running a leadership consulting  company out of San Diego, CA.

I have learned that war is a phenomenal teacher.  It reveals the best and worst attributes of human nature. I have experienced a glimpse of  war and it has forever changed the way I see the world.  Here at home, we are engaged in our own battles. We encounter an enemy that creates chaos and suffering.  This enemy comes in the form of substance abuse, violence, illness, procrastination, disorganization and laziness are just a few factors that destroy our chances of leading our best lives. For me, understanding and applying the Laws of Combat helped me to find my areas of weakness, create a plan to overcome and then push forward to my goals. What are your weaknesses and goals?






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